What started as an idea over cocktails for a one-off party has turned into a life-style collection that has now turned into one of the best tasting things you've ever put in your mouth.

"Let's throw a better pool party"

In 2018 we decided that the current state of parties in the US was lacking life, creativity, and most importantly fun. Just prior, we spent a few summers jumping from one small beach town to another across the Mediterranean, Baja California, and Nayarit, Mexico where we were immersed in the experience of the culture, food, drinks, and 24/7 approach to celebrating life. That's when we felt the need to create something that achieved that feeling you get when you first step off the plane or walk through the hotel doors on vacation. A boutique hideaway hotel, incredible parties, great cocktails, quality wearable goods, and more.

How do we start?

"Well let's just throw a better pool party"

What should we call it?

"Motel Margarita"

  • Coachella - Los Angeles - San Diego

    Starting Summer 2018 we took our original concept and put it to work with pool parties at Coachella, the world famous Mondrian hotel in Hollywood, the Poolhouse at the beautiful new Pendry hotel in Downtown San Diego, and more. Our motto for these parties was simple: Aspire to Retire. Come for a mini taste of vacation.

  • Mondrian Los Angeles

  • Poolhouse at the Pendry San Diego

"We should be pouring our own margs at our parties"

From conception we knew we wanted to grow our product offering. Margarita mix was an obvious endeavor, and we quickly realized a major pain point: most margaritas are not good.

The Margarita is the #1 selling cocktail year after year, and Americans are ordering them, and making this cocktail at home now more than ever.

The current offerings on the market are unfortunately full of preservatives, sugar, calories, dyes, and more junk that’s not only bad for us, but also don't deliver on taste.

So we set out to fix all of that.

A Margarita should be simple...

We believed a margarita mix should be simple. Why is everything on the market full of junk? This launched the year-and-a-half process of developing the "better for you" margarita mix. After countless samples, formulations, and tests we landed on what we truly believe is the best margarita mix on the market. Our foundation was simple: a clean margarita mix with just a few ingredients, no color dyes, no additives, and make it shelf stable with no preservatives.

Motel Margarita Mix was formed.

  • No Preservatives

  • No Artificial Colors

  • Non GMO


  • Low Sugar

  • Gluten Free

More about the mix

Water, Organic Agave Nectar, Lime Juice Concentrate, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sugar, Natural Flavors* That's it.

*Natural Flavors refers to Orange Blossom

Only 50 calories per serving

Only 12 grams of sugar per serving

All of our ingredients, except water and orange blossom, come from Mexico. Our orange blossom is made in San Diego.

Yes Absolutely! A ton of our customers use our mix with soda water for a refreshing mocktail

Traditionally a margarita is served with Tequila. Although, many use our mix with rum, vodka, soju, and more! Get creative!

It's simple! Just combine margarita mix with tequila and ice in a shaker, shake well, and strain into a salt-rimmed glass. Top with sparkling water and don't forget the garnish!

Our margarita mix does not need to be refrigerated until you open it. Once opened, it will need to be refrigerated and we suggest consuming within 7 days.

From date of filling, we suggest a 12 month shelf life. While the mix does last longer, it stays freshest within 1 year.

Margarita mix isn't just for margaritas! You can use it to make salad dressing, marinades for grilling, or even desserts.

Yes!! Made with the cleanest ingredients, all the more reason to celebrate.

Approximately 16 cocktails based on our suggested serving size.

More about us

Yes! We consistently do events with our stockists, as well as hotels nationwide.

We've been designing and story-boarding the concept! As soon as we finish the initial renderings, we will begin looking for our dream location.

Yes! Please send us an email for wholesale inquiries. We do wholesale for both margarita mix and our merch goods. Email:

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