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By Casey Bushong

Margarita Mondays 2/24/20

We're kicking this damn thing off. As one could assume we've had our fair share of margaritas...We've had good ones, bad ones, but mostly great ones. It's been decided that we'd like to share our margarita drinking experiences with you guys. That way when it's Friday (or any day that ends with a y) and your tantalizing taste buds are fiending for one of those delightful tequila cocktails, you'll know where to go to find the best one. From our home town in Costa Mesa, to San Diego, to Miami, from Mexico to Canada, we'll be taste testing all the margs and we'll write about them here. We also encourage you guys to share your experiences with us and we'll post them as well. Just shoot us an email at or a DM on insta at @motelmargarita.


We'll kick things off with a couple of recent ones. First off is a place we regularly go to for both food and cocktails - Bear Flag Fish Co. at Pacific City in Huntington Beach, CA. If you are a fan of fish or just fresh food in general, this is your place. They have the freshest fish of anyone in the Southern California region. It also turns out that Bear Flag knows their way around a marg too. We popped in one afternoon and asked them for the wildest margarita they could whip up, and while they're at it, throw a beer in it too! It didn't disappoint. As you can see this beauty was made for photographs so if that's what you're into, this thing will suffice. No slouch on the taste buds as well. This bad boy will get you feelin frisky and sets up the rest of the evening perfectly.


(out of 10)

Taste - 8

Strength - 5

Presentation - 10

Environment - 8



You can find Bear Flag Fish Co. Here:


The second marg of the week is on the classier side of things. This one from the restaurant ALCE in Solana Beach CA. Simple and straight forward, this margarita was just what we needed. No frills, nothing overboard, just a quality cocktail. Best of all it was on the happy hour menu! ALCE is also a really rad place to check out from a visual perspective too. Killer design and layout and the huge mount over the bar has a story as well. We highly suggest checking this place out if you're cruising through the San Diego area anytime soon (and try the corn).


Taste - 7

Strength - 6

Presentation - 8

Environment - 9


You can find ALCE here: